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RGNF-30B Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

With Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Debugging,
As Well As Main Parts And Materials Being Fully In Accordance With Gmp Requirements.

Machine  Features :

Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
Widely used in pharmaceutical,food,cosmetic and daily chemical industries to fill ointment or viscous fluid materials into plastic tube or laminated tube. And then seal the tube tails, trim the tails and print code on tubes automatically.
Easy Maintenance And Servicing
Tube feeding is conducted pneumatically via a vacuum device, accurate and reliable.
Simple Convenient Operationesent Luctus
Adopts touch screen and PLC control system. Easy to operate. Convenient and stable.
Flow Of Production
TFulfill tube feeding, marking identification, filling, hot air sealing, trimming, code printing and finished product ejection through an automatic control system.
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More Details :

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RIGAO Founded in 1996.
Headquartered in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, with a factory area of ​​18,000 square meters.
Set up offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou
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As a well-known manufacturer of packaging machinery and equipment in the industry, Rigao Co., Ltd. has a wide range of products in the fields of cosmetics, medicine and food.
Phone : (+86) 0577-56965688
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