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RGA-DTG90 Automatic Tracking Servo Filling and Robotic arm capping line

With Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Debugging,
As Well As Main Parts And Materials Being Fully In Accordance With Gmp Requirements.

Machine  Features :

Automatic tracking servo filling System
The follow-up filling machine achieves precise control of filling speed and filling volume through servo control systems and sensing technology.
Robotic Capping System
Containers enter by conveyor belt to the side belt system. These belts stabilize container during capping and they also protect the container against spinning. Two robotic unit Trio Scara takes the cap, places it on the neck of the container and pre-screw the caps.
Simple Convenient Operationesent Luctus
Equipped with modular design and dynamic tracking system to achieve follow-up filling, which is more flexible than ordinary filling and has extremely high filling efficiency.
Flow Of Production
The SCARA robot is selected to perform actions such as top cover and capping to realize machine replacement, reduce labor costs, and improve intelligent production.
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More Details :

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