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The internship is over, and the future is promising!

   In this season of sweat, six students from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and Central North University came to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, to join Rigo for post following practice.

From schools to enterprises, from classrooms to parks, in the face of unfamiliar environments, how to quickly change from students to "professionals", the students have given surprising answers with their practical actions in more than a month of internship life. Now let's enjoy the demeanor of the small craftsmen who practice with the post!

What came to my eyes was how they were immersed in their work!

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A good living environment can not only make people comfortable, but also change one's mood and make people full of spirit. Rigo not only has a clean and tidy office environment, but also has independent bathroom, laundry, gym, library in the dormitory building. Here are some life silhouettes

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After a period of training, the students also had some insights and practical experience.

Shaanxi University of Science and Technology - Liang Shizhi

Position: Business Assistant of Market Research

After communicating with my teacher in July, I was lucky to get an internship opportunity in Zhejiang Rigo Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. After I came here, my first feeling is that the environment here is very good. It is not the messy and bad mechanical manufacturing enterprises in my imagination, but clean and orderly. In particular, the office and accommodation conditions are good, and the colleagues are amiable.

After officially entering the work, I was responsible for sorting out customer information. Because the company has more foreign trade, it is inevitable to read some English websites, which has greatly improved my English level. I have gained a lot from this internship experience. I hope I can get a greater promotion and leave my efforts and achievements for the development of the company.

Zhongbei University - Zeng Peng

Position: Business Assistant of Digital Services

I am very glad to come to Zhejiang Rigo Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. for internship. After entering the post, I found that the internship was completely different from the usual classes. There were many knowledge that I could not learn in the classroom, which made me truly realize the gap between theory and practice.

My position is digital service business assistant, where I can find solutions from the after-sales problems fed back by customers, so that I can better understand the machine principle and strengthen my communication and expression ability; At the same time, I am also responsible for planning the live broadcast of digital services and promoting the live broadcast through coordination and communication with various departments. I believe this experience will help me define my learning goals in the next year's college life. I really gained a lot from this internship. In the future, I believe that I will soon surpass the current one!

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During this internship, the students put all the knowledge they learned into practice, really combining theory with practice, so that everyone further consolidated their professional knowledge and exercised their practical ability. As the saying goes, "It's better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books." This internship brings us not only fresh blood, but also innovative energy. Rigao always welcomes talents from all colleges and universities to join us. We are on the way forward.

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