RGPL-0240A  Biological Reagent Production Line

       RGPL-0240A Biological Reagent Production Line

  • Biological Reagent Production Line is specially developed to apply in biological and medical industry. The whole line can accomplish assembling the sponge with cap, filling, screwing and labelling.
  • The machine adopts servo-driven module and improve positioning accuracy effectively to ensure rate of finished products. Peristaltic pump used in automatic filling,  precision is limited within  ±1%. Screwing cap with servo, more convenient to control the torque.
  • At present, the machine production capacity can achieve 2000-2400 bottles per hour.
  • Other major components are: screwing  device, sponge and stick assembling device, caps taking out device, etc.

  • Main technical parameters:

Production speed

1800~2400 Pcs/h

Filling volume


Filling precision


Power Supply

380/220V (Optional)

Total power


5000(L)×4000(W)×2000(H) mm

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