RGPL-0735A  Perfume Production Line

       RGPL-0735A Perfume Production Line

  • It is equiped with air cleaning for bottles, quantitive  filling,  negative pressure filling, pump placing , lid rolling, jacket placing ,capping,rejecting, labeling and end product collecting etc.
  • Moulds move in circles, easy to change bottles;Stepping motor for quantitive filling, fast to adjust filling volume;Negative pressure device is used to fill in the same liquid level;Manipulator for pump placing and pre-rolling is applied to increase pump rolling rate;
  • Elastic rolling head is to avoid the bottle body from damage.

  • Technical Parameter


1800~2100 Pcs/h

Bottle Diameter


Bottle Length


Maximum filling


Power Supply


Compressed Air



5800(L)×3400(W)×2000(H) mm

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