RGYF-002KL.32  Lip Blam Filling Line

       RGYF-002KL.32 Lip Blam Filling Line

Characterized by high degree of automation, high yield, wide adaptability and excellent stability, RGYF-002KL.32Lip Blam Filling Line is well received by the majority of users. The current models, getting more and more sophisticated and mature, with high technical content, top quality and other features, are ideal special equipment for daily chemical and food manufacturers.

The production line is comprised of fully automatic loader, intermittent conveyor, 4-head hot filling machine, preheating device, reheating device, cooling system, and full automatic capper etc., with automatic container loading, container body depth detection, unqualified container removal, container body preheating, container body detection, automatic filling, material cooling, material reheating, material secondary cooling, automatic capping, cap detection to achieve discharge of capped finished products and removal of uncapped products, and other features. The whole line adopts PLC control, and network cable is used to connect the devices to control the entire line.

  • Main technical parameters:

Production speed

30 bottles / min

Power supply voltage


Total power

20.8 kW

Outline dimensions


Total weight


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