Nail Polish Filling, Brushing and Capping Machine

       Nail Polish Filling, Brushing and Capping Machine

Nail Polish Filling &Plugging and Capping Machine with functions of automatic filling, loading brush and capping. The filling device adopts bottle positioning mechanism to solve the problem of large size deviation of the nail polish filling glass container that the filling nozzle can not be put into the container. The storage bucket uses the way of pressure feeding by separating from the main machine. The volume of the bucket can be customized by customers and place the storage bucket randomly. That alternate use of multiple storage buckets effectively shorten the time for replacement of different materials. Adopt the approach of mechanical arm fetching cap, pre-spin to cover, which solve the problem of  brush poor positioning, and cannot cover .Capping device with a torque adjusting device, capping torque can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement. The whole machine adopts PLC control, with the function of no bottle no filling, no brush no cover, easy operation and adjustment conveniently.

  • Technical Parameter

Main motor power


Production Capacity


Filling volume


Air supply pressure




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