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Posted by Bharat Book Bureau
Chinese demand to grow 8.0% per year through 2011
Demand for packaging equipment in China is projected to climb 8.0 percent annually through 2011 to ¥51.5 billion. Product sales will be driven by growth in manufacturing, packaging materials use and associated fixed investment activity as Chinese industrialization efforts continue and income levels rise. Packaging machinery shipments by Chinese producers are forecast to expand 9.7 percent per year to ¥48.4 billion in 2011, outperforming demand. As a result, China’s overall trade deficit in packaging machinery will narrow, although the country will continue to rely on foreign sources of supply for many sophisticated and specialized equipment types.
Food industry to remain dominant
The food industry is the largest market for packaging machinery in China. Foodrelated applications are expected to strengthen their already dominant market position as changes in lifestyle trends and types of employment, increasing urbanization and growing personal income levels fuel consumption of convenience and other packaged food products. Demand for equipment used to package medical, pharmaceutical and personal care products is also projected to rise at an above-average rate through 2011. Sales will be driven by substantial growth in the number of people aged 65 and older, an age group requiring more medical care, and supported by rising personal incomes throughout the nation, making drugs, cosmetics and toiletries more affordable.
Labeling, coding equipment to grow the fastest
Demand for labeling and coding equipment will outpace sales of other types of packaging machinery, spurred by the growing need for shippers to accurately identify and track items, aswell as increasingly stringent safety and quality requirements for packaged products. In addition, increased use of radio frequency identification tags will bolster demand forassociated labeling equipment. Demand for filling and form/fill/seal equipment will also climb at an above-average rate through 2011, maintaining its position as the most widely used type of packaging machinery in China.
Central-East, Central-South regions pose best prospects
The Central-East and Central-South regions together account for more than 70 percent of the country’s total manufacturing production. Thus, these areas will continue to provide packaging machinery suppliers with the greatest sales opportunities. The Northeast, Northwest and Southwest regions, although underdeveloped, are benefiting from the government’s “Go West” and “Reviving the Northeast” campaigns.
Study coverage
It provides historical Chinese demand, shipments and foreign trade data plus forecasts for 2011 and 2016 by packaging machinery type, market and geographical region.