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September 14, 2015, is a day to commemorate and celebrate.

All the staff are looking forward to the arrival of today's excitement!

The new plant has been basically completed  successfully, we moved to a new office.

The new factory

Since  1989, Rigao have moved many times.

Each movemeant a leap in the development of the company, while meaning that the company gotoff to a fresh start.


This moved from the original site of  26,Shen Wan Road, Wenzhou Light Industry Zone to 29 Shen Wan Road.

The new main building consists of  two buildings, each building has 5 floors.

The reception room

New site to provide our employees with a more modern working conditions and more sophisticated office equipment and a more comfortable and pleasant officeenvironment for future sustainable development and growing strength of enterpriseslaid a solid foundation.

Office environment

The staffs said: "we must be moved to a new starting point to furtherimprove efficiency, work together to create a more brilliant performance. ”